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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Last Chance for Survey & Pallimed Party This Friday

Well there is less then 24 hours left in the chance to do the survey. It closes at midnight Tuesday PM.

So far we have 82 responses but we want some more to make this a representative sample. We especially need more RSS reader input since only 8 of over 400 RSS readers have submitted surveys.
And since this is the last post before many readers take off for AAHPM, please don't forget about the Pallimed Party at Backjack's
just 0.3 mi south of the Conference Center. The bar is inside Jackson's Bistro. Here is a map:

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Here is a picture of Drew (Tue-Sat)

and Christian (Fri-Sat) so you can spot us at the AAHPM conference.

After the Annual Assembly, we may post a recap or two, and then back to our regular scheduled programming, including the survey results. Take it if you have not already! Less then 5 minutes, honest. And thanks for hanging in there for those of you who don't care about this conference.

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