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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Wanna Write?

(updated Apr 2019 - Ed.)

Thanks for your interest in writing for Pallimed. We are always on the lookout for palliative care clinicians who want to help analyze, understand or comment on important news, media and research relevant to our field. Pallimed is one of the leading voices in digital media for hospice and palliative care and we reach over 65,000 people with our Pallimed Network over multiple platforms. Please make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Our writing style is what some might call 'casual academic.' We do the research and the background digging so you get the practical knowledge you can use in the field. We are open to your suggestions for topics of interest, and occasionally request articles from our group of writers.

When you have read all of this and written a post, then submit your article here!

What do you get out of being published on Pallimed?
  • Satisfaction that you have contributed to your field
  • Your ideas spread to thousands of people (each post usually gets over 1000 page views and is sent to nearly 60,000 people across multiple social media platforms)
  • Constructive discussion and commentary on your post 
  • 15 seconds of internet fame in a niche medical community
  • Potential networking opportunities
  • Blogging experience - which has led to tenure advancement, job promotions and speaking engagements 
  • Membership in a community of medical social commentators who have really interesting email exchanges
  • Automatic invitation to the annual Pallimed Party at the AAHPM/HPNA Annual Assembly
So if that got you excited, how do you get your post published on Pallimed?

  • A strong foundation of hospice and palliative medicine ideas, themes, and knowledge.
  • Experience as a healthcare professional in hospice and palliative care. (Non-health care professionals and those health care professionals working outside of hospice and palliative care are welcome to submit ideas, but there is a preference for health care professionals in the field.)
Things that are not required but may be helpful:
  • A blog of your own
  • A Twitter account
Posts we like: 
  • Intelligent without being pretentious
  • Witty without being biting
  • Relatively recent and relevant
  • Entertaining and helpful journal article reviews
  • Medium length between 400-800 words
What we do NOT post:
- SEO/link exchange/ghostwritten articles (please stop emailing!)
- Product/book reviews by outside writers
- Very specific stories about one case and what it meant to you as a clinician

What is a good idea for a post?
- Read the Pallimed blogs and that will get you a good idea of the content we are looking for.
- Scan Twitter for the #HPM hashtag and see what people are talking about
- Re-purpose your presentation for journal club into a post
- Catch a song, movie, or book, that makes you reflect upon your work in hospice and palliative medicine?  

Then write a review!  Download our Pallimed Writing Guidelines for details.

If you want to pitch something before you writ, email with PITCH in the subject line.

If you know what you want to write, or have already written it, then submit it here!

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