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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Submit a Tip

We love tips.  Do you have a great article you just saw and think it should be shared with the world? We have three great ways for you to contribute to expanding our knowledge base.  And with nearly 50,000 page views per month and over 3,500 subscribers that is a big reach.

1. Submit privately - Email

2. Submit publicly - 2 ways to share your discovery with the world.  Why not post it in public and then we can write it up later.  The reach will be much better this way!

3. Write it up yourself - see this page for details
We will try to reply to all tips regardless of the medium used to submit, but cannot guarantee a response.

What kind of tips work best?
  • Early releases of landmark articles - we respect embargoes despite not being given media credentials
  • Articles in major newspapers or upcoming TV shows or films
  • Really insightful blog posts about
  • Innovative programs utilizing hospice and palliative themes
What kind of tips are probably not effective?
  • Local media coverage of hospice fundraisers
  • Press releases
  • Product placement or promotion material
  • Link exchanges requests submitted as tips
Pallimed is reader supported by your comments and by your tips.  Many of the great posts you have read here started as a tip from a reader.

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