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Monday, February 4, 2008

Back From the AAHPM /HPNA in Tampa

Drew and I appreciate all of the wonderful feedback we received while in Tampa at the AAHPM/HPNA Annual Assembly last week. Thanks to all the readers who proudly wore the "P" sticker and who came to Backjack's to meet with other Pallimed readers. It was good to match faces to names. If I missed you there or didn't have much time to chat, I apologize. For being there less then 24 hours it was quite an exhausting pace.

We heard a lot of interesting comments about the conference as well. I wished I could have made it to more than just the Case Conferences on Saturday (which were great BTW). So to make up for all of my lengthy posts about what I thought were interesting talks, I would like to turn the rest of the post over to the readers.

Please comment on the talks that you thought were remarkable or avoidable or what would you like to see next year, etc. Remember we are not an official part of AAHPM/HPNA, but just wanted to open some discussion about what Pallimed readers thought was important. (And if this is your first time to Pallimed, welcome!)

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