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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hospice and Palliative Care Advocacy

Has your inbox been flooded with ways you can advocate for hospice and palliative medicine issues? Are you having a hard time keeping track of which legislators you have written about which issue? Well for your convenience they are compiled below.

Medicare Hospice Protection Act of 2008 (via NHPCO) (DEADLINE OCT 1)
The Medicare Hospice Protection Act would delay implementation of the phase out of the Medicare hospice budget neutrality adjustment factor during fiscal year 2009.
Write your representative online here.

National Pain Care Policy Act of 2008, H.R. 2994. (via AAHPM)
The National Pain Care Policy Act of 2008 is designed to address many of these barriers by improving pain care research, education, training, access, outreach and care.
Write your representative online here.

Mattie* & Melinda Bill, HR 6931 (via Children's Hospice International)
Increase access to CHI PACC (Children's Hospice International Program for All-Inclusive Care for Children and Their Families). Unlike traditional hospice and palliative care models, a CHI PACC program provides a continuum of care for children and their families from the time that a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening condition — with hope for a cure — through the bereavement process, if cure is not attained.
Write your representative online here.

Readers who write for other blogs are encouraged to link here or cut and paste directly from this to put on your site. Make this a meme.

Feel free to tell your parents, children, your children's friends parents, peers, collagues, enemies, acquaintences, patients, patient's families, mail carrier, flight attendent, guy at the hot dog stand...

For anyone who needs a refresher on how a bill becomes a law...

*Mattie Stepanek, a child famous for his prose in his Heartsongs books

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