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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

AAHPM/HPNA Annual Assembly Preview:

(In 2007 and 2008 I posted previews for the AAHPM/HPNA Annual Assemblies. I started doing the preview because one of my favorite things about conferences is talking to other people to see what they are interested in, so feel free to comment on which sessions you are excited about. If you are giving any of these talks, I encourage you to leave some comments to get more people aware of your talk. There are some good ones!

This year the Annual Assembly is in Austin, TX from Wednesday March 25th until Saturday, March 28th.)

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For the rest of the days of the conference I am not going to mention every single talk but point out what I feel are the highlights of the day, or if I just want to make a silly/witty/whatever comment on a particular title.

State of the Science
Nathan E. Goldstein, MD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Wendy Gabrielle Anderson, MD MS, University of California–San Francisco

The State of the Science lecture is consistently one of the best features of the Annual Assembly and thankfully it is posted at the AAHPM web site after the Assembly for free downloads. While in the past it has been the last talk of the conference they have moved up the timing this year. Possibly to make sure those people who might leave early still get to see it. I am glad to see the move and know this will be well attended. I would also reccommend people use this talk to share with your colleagues after you get back.

It seems the reins this year have been handed over to Nate from Dan Fischburg. I hope they continue the same format that Fischburg has established. Case->Clinical Question->Highlight an Article. Will see how Pallimed scores this year on covering the State of the Science. I would love to hear they used Pallimed as part of the review of the literature! (Hint...Hint!)

A Butcher, A Baker, and Two Candlestick Makers: Evidence-Based Perspectives on Delirium Recognition, Work-Up, and Management From a Psychiatrist, a Pharmacist, and Two Palliative Medicine Specialists.
Scott A. Irwin, MD PhD
Rosene D. Pirrello, RPh
Gary T. Buckholz, MD
Frank D. Ferris, MD
San Diego Hospice and the Institute for Palliative Medicine

Clever title. I am very excited to see the costumes! I am wondering how they will incorporate the title into the presentation.

Death and The New Yorker Cartoons
Marianne Matzo, PhD APRN FAAN
David C. Miller, BS
University of Oklahoma

My favorite medical records staff member always puts The New Yorker Cartoons on the back of our census sheet before team meetings. We always have a good chuckle and occasionally have to explain a cartoon to one person. I will be going to this just to give her more material!

Palliative Medicine and Hospice Legislative and Regulatory Update
Howard Tuch, MD MS, The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast
Judi Buckalew, MPH RN, Powers, Pyles, Sutter, & Verville PC
C. Porter Storey, MD FACP FAAHPM, Kaiser Permanente

My heart says "YAWN!" by my brain says "This is important Christian!" I am glad that these sessions are being presented here. Thankfully there are a couple of talks skirting these issues and this is one I am considering attending.

Methadone Boot Camp
Tara C. Friedman, MD, VITAS Innovative Hospice Care
Kevin T. Bain, PharmD BCPS CGP GASCP, excelleRx, Inc.

Like the title, but I hope it is not an experiential workshop because I am sure the hotel is not licensed for that. Regardless, methadone can be a tricky medicine to prescribe, but should fit comfortably in any palliative care clinicians quiver of analgesic arrows.

Finesse It with Film: Using Video Clips to Enhance Your Teaching
Kate Faulkner, MD FAAHPM, Old Colony Hospice

I wonder if fair use/copyright issues will be brought up. I would also like to see if there is any mention of using technology to make this fit seamlessly instead of cuing up a lot of DVD's. My fellows last year (now editors of the Arts page) did a couple of talks with heavy multimedia and they were crowd pleasers as I expect this one to be.

Ketamine: Routes and Techniques of Administration
Eric Prommer, MD, Mayo Clinic–Phoenix

Our reigning king of presentations, Eric Prommer knows how to pick the topics to get his presentations accepted. If you ever had trouble getting a presentation selected at AAHPM, I would encourage you to contact Dr. Prommer. His talks always seem to be on something on the cusp of being familiar and frustrating to hospice and palliative medicine folks. Ketamine fits that bill nicely.

Challenges Managing Pain in Patients on Methadone and Suboxone For Addition (sic)
Lara Michal Skarf, MD, VA Boston Healthcare System
Craig Blinderman, MD MA, Massachusetts General Hospital

I hope it is a typo (of 'addition' for 'addiction') because I have never prescribed either medication for those with mathematical deficiencies! We had some discussion about suboxone here on the blog last July but I still have not seen this widely used in palliative care patients yet. I hope they address some of the access issues.

Palliative Care for Adolescents: Issues and Challenges
Benjamin H. Lee, MD MPH, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Great to see more pediatric oriented presentations. I have worked with a few adolescent patients on hospice and they have been some wonderful experiences, but also very challenging medically and emotionally at times. A niche talk to be sure, but one that needs to be done.

Measuring Outcomes in Outpatient Palliative Medicine: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How
Elizabeth A. Kvale, MD, Birmingham VA Medical Center and University of Alabama at Birmingham

I am still trying to figure out how outpatient palliative medicine clinics became established in palliative medicine fellowship requirements but we still have not really had many successful ventures in this clinical arena. Elizabeth is a good friend and a great speaker, so I know she will set us all on a good course!

And I am done. Thanks for reading the previews, and please leave any comments about the talks you are excited about. See you at AAHPM!

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