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Monday, January 18, 2010

Pallimed Prize for Hospitals Announcement

Sometimes great challenges need great support to be overcome.  Palliative care services in hospitals are overshadowed in marketing efforts by other revenue producing, prestige enhancing, feel-good medical 'product lines.'  We have all seen the billboards and magazine/newspaper inserts touting the newest technology, doctors and nurses with the best smiles and vague proclamations that nothing bad could ever happen to you at 'Our Medical Center.'  The same hospital administrations and staff who praise the good work of the palliative care internally would likely turn pale at the thought of trying to promote quality palliative care to the wider public.

Based on the successful premise of the X Prize for I am formally announcing the  

Pallimed Prize for Hospitals

The challenge: To overcome the fear of hospitals to skillfully market palliative care
The goal: A hospital or hospital system/chain must produce and publicize a multi-media marketing campaign featuring the palliative care team(s) for a period no less than 6 months and must include the following media platforms external to the hospital or hospital system/chain's own media sources : television, radio, newspaper, internet, billboard.
The prize: Starting with $1000 of my own money. 
The time frame: Any submissions for the prize must have started their marketing campaign after March 1, 2010.  If the prize is not claimed before December 31, 2012 the money will be donated to a scholarship fund to advance palliative care (yet to be determined).

What we need now is a few volunteers to be on the prize committee to help review any submissions and track donations.  Don't laugh. This is not a joke/farce/parody.  This is real and could be a big change if you would like to be part of it.  A more fully detailed post will be coming in the next few weeks for those individuals and organizations that would be interested in contributing to increase the size of the prize pool.  If you are inspired enough to join me on this quixotic quest, please email me at

A formal set of rules and eligibility requirements will be announced on this blog in mid-February.

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