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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Blog Upkeep Issues

First of all my apologies for a few dropped balls on our part this past two weeks.

1) A BIG apology to Tim Cousounis for twice messing up the link to Palliative Care Grand Rounds.  So here is the correct link.  I have triple checked it.

2) Many of you may have been getting more emails from us than usual.  It has been an issue with the program which 'picks up' our posts and puts them together into an email newsletter.  The pick up is usually around 1am Central, but recently it seems it has been picking up closer to 11pm.  Therefore it is missing some later posts which get picked up the next day.  We are moving our posts a bit earlier to accommodate for this.

3) Comment Spam: We have a group of hospices spamming our comments and so we have turned on full moderation.  So all comments will have to be approved by us before they go through.   Hopefully his won't last too long, and in a few weeks we can go back to immediate approval.  We have contacted the hospice agencies (under an umbrella group) and asked them to stop, but they have not. *GRRR* I am not posting the name here because I don't want to get them more attention and people clicking to their site, but the umbrella company sounds something like T*L*C H0m3 H0sp1c3. *AHEM*.

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