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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hello from sunny Minneapolis

In case you're wondering, all of us who contribute to the blog are doing just fine, despite the sparse posting the last month.  I have just moved to Minneapolis (more on that in a later post), have had spotty internet access, and have been devoting most of my free time to getting the family Up North sanely and safely. 

In my free time I've been perusing the archives of the New Yorker for interesting articles, and thought I'd mention one I really enjoyed:  it's from 2001 and discusses the history, science, ethics, and philosophical meaning of 'brain death' and organ donation.  It's thought provoking, and one of the better summaries of the issues I've seen outside of the medical literature.  And, like all good reporting, it discusses the issues through the lens of how it impacts real people/families.  Good stuff.

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