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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CAPC National Seminar 2010

This Thursday through Saturday the Center to Advance Palliative Care is hosting their National Seminar in Phoenix, AZ. Apparently this conference is sold out. I looked into possibly going and actually heard they expanded the registration because of demand. Guess the economy is not that sour after all! I have never been to a CAPC event but the topics look pretty fantastic for any hospital based palliative care program.

What is really nice to see is the offerings directed towards pediatric palliative care. While we do not blog about it often here, pediatric palliative care is an underserved population both in specialist level care and generalist expertise in good palliative care practice for children. Besides pediatrics other major areas of focus are the new IPAL-ICU* project focusing on the Intensive Care Unit, and the Emergency Department.

If you are like me, bummed you can't make it to the conference you can always check out the Twitter feed since I know a few people going who will be tweeting from the conference, so you might pick up a few tips here and there.  If you are on Twitter just search for #CAPC2010.  Make sure to ReTweet good posts and reply back to the people who are there.

If you are not using Twitter (yet) you can check out the embedded stream below over the next few days or after the conference. (Email subscribers may have to click to the original Pallimed post)

If anyone who is a Pallimed reader happens to be there, please feel free to write up a summary of what you learn on each day and we can post the summaries here. If you are interested in doing this please email me at  If anyone is interested in blogging from other upcoming medical conferences maybe we could work on getting some blogging/media credentials and reduced registration.

*Is it just me or does it seem to be a natural to use the PAL part of palliative? PALlimed, GeriPal, Pal-Med Connect, IPAL-ICU. Does a marketing tagline exist here? "Palliative Care - When you need a PAL."

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