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Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Facing Death" on PBS Frontline

PBS Frontline is known for in depth documentaries on important issues of the day, often focusing on specific narratives about individuals to help illustrate the larger dilemmas at hand.  They have covered palliative related topics like geriatrics, Parkinson's, suicide tourism and the gaps in US health care, but next week is one that seems to be right in the palliative care wheelhouse; "Facing Death" focuses on the life and death decisions in the ICU.  And to be more specific the Mount Sinai ICU.

Interestingly PBS Frontline has decided to air the episode during Thanksgiving week, maybe in hopes like the Sesame Street episode on the Death of Mr. Hooper, it will spur family discussions about what one values and what choices your family would make in similar situations.  But lucky for you, the internet has made time and space bend so you can actually watch the full episode right now online.   Or you can wait until next Sunday  the 21st at 9p ET when you can watch it simultaneously with hospice and palliative care advocates online at Twebevent. You do not need to be on Twitter (unless you want to participate) to watch the stream of comments.

The PBS Frontline site also has extra materials, interviews and footage so make sure to explore the main site, leave comments and share with your teams.  If anyone would like to post a review of the show here to Pallimed, please email them to me and I will post them next week.  The deadline is Nov 22nd at noon CT. I will accept reviews that are anonymous if well written. If you don't want to leave a full review please feel free to post comments here.    I would love to hear your comments on the choice of title, how palliative care is portrayed, if this is helpful for education to health care professionals or patients and families.

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