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Friday, October 28, 2011

What caught my eye in Twitter this week (10/28/11)


What follows are a few of the things of the interesting things that went by me on Twitter this week (most recent on top). If you don't tweet, no worries, I removed the hashtags (those pesky # signs).  I did leave in the @ signs for those of you who do tweet so you can see who the tweets came from and to give proper credit, but I included who they are in parentheses if it wasn't really obvious. Let me know if you like having the tweets cherry-picked for you. (Disclaimer: I don't read all the tweets in Twitter, so you are getting some of the select few I found interesting enough to retweet/repeat.)
Congrats to Dr. Anthony Back of Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for Sojourns Award!

*Well-deserved!!! Check out the ONCOTalk website at A great resource for improving communication skills and teaching communication. In my opinion, if you haven’t looked at it, you should. Thanks for the link @rabob (Bob Arnold), @jfclearywisc (Jim Cleary), @renee_berry (Renee Berry), and @RegenceWA (Regence Blue Shield - Washington)!

New@lifebeforedeath (LIFE Before Death) Short Film 'Together We Are Stronger' online:
@lifebeforedeath (LlFE Before Death) awarded Best of Show in the Best Shorts Competition - film for social change. 
*Two this week about this great series about the global pain crisis. One is the latest released short, the other is ANOTHER award for the project. See previous Pallimed posts about this work here and here. Thanks for the links @lifebeforedeath!

Mindfulness training for doctors:

*NY Times article on mindfulness for physicians. See previous Pallimed post about mindfulness here. Thanks for the link @Robert_Fried (Bob Fried)!

Nurse and Doctor describe their own experiences with cancer
*Two stories about how personal experience with breast cancer has changed how a nurse and a physician approach patient care. Makes me think of a quote, “We are all healers who can reach out and offer health, and we are all patients in constant need of help.”- Henri Nouwen. Thanks for the link to the article @hastingscenter and @CNN!

The promise and pitfalls of palliative care
The costs of palliative care teams
*Two stories in the LA Times featuring palliative care. Important to see what the public sees about our field. Thanks to @suzanakm (Suzana Makowski) and @AAHPM for the links!

Dr. James Tulsky, innovative researcher in Palliative Medicine, named to NINR Advisory Council.
*Another well-deserved honor! Congrats!!! Thanks @geri_doc (Ken Covinsky) for the link!

What does Siri know about hospice and palliative care?

*Hilarious post from @EWidera (Eric Widera) at @Geripal. Thanks @donaldhtaylorjr (Don Taylor) for the link!

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