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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A New Day for Pallimed

Hi remember us?  Just your friendly neighborhood hospice and palliative medicine blog.  Yes we have been quiet for almost three months.  And even before that we were slowing down in our posts.  But I think that needs to change. And it will start to change now.

Pallimed has been a labor of love since its inception.  No ad revenue, no grants, no donations, just some after hours writing on topics which we the writers thought were interesting.  We were part of a very early growth in specialty medicine blogs and became a pretty strong voice.  But then the time to write posts seemed to disappear, it was easier to just tweet a link, and many other good informational sources started appearing.  We have heard many stories from all of you about how seeing these posts made you feel more comfortable to start your own blog, or start to tweet and share information about hospice and palliative care far beyond the walls of your organization.

Many times over the past few months I have written drafts to post, only to save them, and feeling they were not up to par.  A severe case of writer's block is what I finally self-diagnosed. The block is a vicious beast.  But today is a new day.

This new day is inspired by a sign I saw while driving down the street in Chicago on a recent visit.  Now if any of you know me, I am not one to think much of superstition or amazing coincidences, but I would describe my understanding of the human mind as a meaning making machine. So when I saw this sign I was overcome with a rush of meaning.

Yes, that is the 'P' of Pallimed in the serif font known as Algerian. I had never seen it in other locations, (even though apparently it can be seen in many places, and inspires a deep loathing.)  What I see with this sign is not the classic 'No Parking Any Time' but rather 'No Pallimed Any Time.'

And I did not like the feeling when I saw it.  So now in this new day, you will start to see more posts from me, and I will start to spur the old motley crew of bloggers who have written some fantastic posts in the past.  I have thoughts for a redesign but hiring a professional coder to do the work so it has a much cleaner and intuitive feel, maybe even a new logo to get rid of that loathsome Algerian.  So if you want to be part of the new day, keep reading, commenting, sharing, and if you really want to contribute (no blogging experience necessary) email me now at

More to come on the new day...

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