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Monday, March 11, 2013

7th Annual Pallimed and Geripal Gathering

Are you excited about the AAHPM/HPNA/SWHPN 2013 Annual Assembly this week?  I hope you or at least your colleagues are able to attend.  We will be continuing the tradition of gathering readers and contributors to this blog and Geripal.  It has grown over the years naturally and we are excited to meet other people you may only nknow by a screen name or email address.

There will be a strong Pallimed contingent this year with Drew Rosielle, Lyle Fettig, Jeanette Ross, Holly Yang, Suzana Makowski, Thomas Quinn, and Amber Wollesen in attendance, so please rech out and say hello.

We do have a date and time for the party - Thursday night starting around 9pm, so you have enough time to have dinner with colleagues and friends.

But we don't exactly have a location...or locations...or maybe we do and we are keeping it a secret...regardless we aren't saying quite yet.  If you have any tips on a good location that is easy to get to, please email us, tweet us (#hpmparty), or post a suggestion on our Facebook page.

You can also RSVP on the Facebook Event page if you may be joining us so we can make sure and get you the update. We will be using #hpmparty to announce the location as well.

Here we come New Orleans!!!

2010 Boston

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