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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hospice and Palliative Medicine Boards 2014 - Free Board Questions!

October 2nd is fast approaching and many eager doctors will be brushing up on their Medicare Hospice regulations, ethical dilemmas, and opioid conversions as they prepare for the 2014 Hospice and Palliative Medicine Board Certification. So first off those of us at Pallimed want to wish you all good luck, and we hope your teams, mentors, and faculty are all behind you giving you the support, information, advice and most importantly time you need to pass the boards and be a part of the hospice and palliative medicine workforce for a long, long time.

Some of you taking the boards this time around may not realize that we have a free set of board review questions we designed in collaboration with GeriPal for the 2012 edition. We called it Blogs to Boards and it was the initial idea of Pallimed contributor and all around fantastic doctor, Suzana Makowski from UMASS. Eric Widera, Paul Tatum, Drew Rosielle and myself contributed to the questions, answers and discussions as well. But since that was a long time ago in internet years, we wanted to remind you of this great free asset.

Now we have not updated the questions since then, and it never went through the rigors of a professional product you might get from somebody like AAHPM, but hey it is free and we think you will learn something that will help you for boards.

PLUS, as an added bonus these 41 questions make great IDG discussion points! So it really doesn't matter if you are taking the test, these will really help you and your fellow clinicians. So please download, share and give us feedback. If we do reuse them, we have licensed them under a Creative Commons license linked below, so please make sure to give attribution, don't use for commercializing purposes, and share alike.

And if you would like to see more great free study materials like this, we are happy to have you volunteer and give us that spark of energy we need to make some more Blogs to Boards questions.

PS - Go check out and add to the great discussion at GeriPal about the importance or distraction of requiring your primary board certification to ensure that your HPM certification is fully legit. The AAHPM sends two representatives to the meeting where they discuss all this important stuff so your comments on that blog post actually matter!

Download Questions Only - PDF
Download Questions, Answers and Discussions - PDF
Also available on Slideshare - Questions Only - Questions and Answers

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