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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Who Will Speak for Superheroes When They Get Sick?

Last Thanksgiving, we published 20 ways to break the ice at the holiday dinner table about wishes, values and proxy decision makers when it comes to health issues. Thanks to all the people from our Pallimed Facebook page who offered so many clever suggestions last year! If you have more you can always leave them in the comments.

With the recent IOM Report focusing on Advance Care Planning being a normal part of a the life cycle of responsibilities, I had been trying to think of creative ways to bring this to a broader audience. Honestly, who wants to talk about advance care planning, living wills, or health care power of attorneys? None of those terms are particularly interesting nor engaging. The data tells us, that people know they should do these things, but few people rarely do.

This idea of mashing up superhero and comic book culture with advance care planning has been in my head for a while, so it has been nice to work over the past week with my friend Ryan Westhoff to finally see it through to fruition. It also nicely coincided with my need to update a  presentation about presentation skills and tools, so I made good use of some new ones for the slidedeck below. Using Canva, I was able to concentrate on design once the content was drafted. If you are looking to make a slidedeck with high-impact visuals I would really recommend it as a tool. Canva is very affordable (pretty much free, some visuals cost a $1) and has good design flexibility.

So this Thanksgiving, without further delay, we present to you, "Who will speak for Superheroes when they get sick?" Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Pallimed to you!

PS We also added a new resource page on advance care planning with links to key materials.

PPS If you have any fanboy or fangirl corrections to make, we welcome them.  Also if you have any other great examples please share them with us on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below.

PPPS Thanks to the excellent blog Polite Dissent run by Scott who analyzes comics, film, and television from a health care perspective.

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