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Friday, May 15, 2015

Palliative Care Podcasts

Last year saw the resurgence of the podcast with the cross-media popularity of the show Serial, an investigative journalism podcast focused on a homicide in Baltimore from years ago. Now don't beat yourself up if you didn't hear about Serial, or you thought podcasting was something which thankfully went out of style in the late 2000's along with blogs. Believe it or not we are in the midst of a podcasting renaissance, and there are people who are producing palliative care themed shows.

So here are some of the shows that are out there and where you can find them.  Below I give short descriptions of what you can expect to find.  If I missed any or you have any comments or questions about podcasts please comment below. (2 added in may 2015!)

Active podcasts
MyPal Podcast by Dr. Amara Nwosu - available on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and podomatic
Two Voices One Perspective End-of-Life by Mark Dimor
Hospice of the Bluegrass Podcast by Hospice of the Bluegrass - available on iTunes,
The Journey Podcast by Deanna Cochran - not available on other services
MVI Radio by Andrew Reed - available on iTunes
Get Palliative Care by Center to Advance Palliative Care - available on Soundcloud

MyPal is a podcast about technology, innovation and research relevant to palliative and hospice care hosted by Dr Amara Nwosu MBChB, MRCP (@amaranwosu). Dr. Nwosu is a specialist trainee in the field of palliative medicine at the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. Started at the very end of 2014, he has produced 11 shows, but has been silent the past 6 weeks, but I expect we will here more from him. The shows are about 5-15 mins long, so perfect for a car ride to work.

Two Voices One Perspective End-of-Life is one of the earlier and more consistent podcasts on hospice, grief, widowhood and caregiving.  Mark Dimor hosts this podcast and was inspired to become a hospice advocate after his wife Donna died. I know Mark from Twitter (@MarksPhone) where he has regularly particpated in #hpm chats. The shows are about 10-20 minutes long and he has been doing them since May 2014.

Hospice of the Bluegrass podcast has been podcasting since 2012! Kudos to them for leading the way. The shows sound like they are audio recordings of lectures, so there is some good learning for clinicians to be had although it may be more difficult since slides are not part of podcasting.

The Journey Podcast (aka The Journey Radio podcast) by Deanna Cochran, who started in November of 2014 and has produced the show on a weekly basis since then.  The shows last 30-60mins in a long format interview with clinicians advocates and patients. Deanna is a founder of the End of Life Practitioners Collective.

MVI Radio is a podcast about the business of hospice by Andrew Reed, a CPA who consults with hospices on business operations and finances. Started in 2015 he is 8 episodes in with most of the shows being around 15 minutes and a couple being hour long lecture format.

Get Palliative Care  (the public facing side of CAPC) just launched a new podcast in April 2015. This is aimed more towards patients and families, and seems like it will be focused on narrative.

Dormant podcasts
CAPC Palliative Podcast by Center to Advance Palliative Care - available on Soundcloud
John Taylor Hospice Podcast (UK) by John Taylor Hospice - available on Soundcloud
Hospice Foundation of America podcast by Hospice Foundation of America - avialble on iTunes

The Center to Advance Palliative Care has only put out three shows in about a year, so it is not a repeating podcast but really more of a small library of short snippets on palliative care topics.  They have spent more time on their You Tube. I include it here hoping we see more shows with good production from them.

John Taylor Hospice Podcast is not made by fans of Duran Duran but is a series of 3 shows from a few years back. No new shows are being produced.

Hospice Foundation of America podcast is no longer active but a shot good series of podcasts that are really videos.  I include it here for completeness since technically it is not an audio only podcast, but because it will frequently show up in searches.

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