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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Storytelling and Advocating for Palliative Care

by Lauren Drew

NHPCO recently released its newest video on the benefits of palliative care. How can we as a community best advocate for palliative care? What resources do you think are lacking in this area? What are the biggest problems you have when creating and implementing palliative care programs? Let’s have a robust discussion on where palliative care is going in 2016, and how we can all be better advocates for its expansion.

NHPCO Director of Palliative Care Judith Skretny (tweeting tonight from @NHPCO_News) will join Senior VP of Communications Anita Brikman (@AnitaBrikman) and other NHPCO staff to facilitate this important conversation.

Chat Question 1: How do you use storytelling to help promote palliative care? Does it work?
Chat Question 2: What gaps do you see when advocating for Palliative Care? How can we fill them?
Chat Question 3: What is your goal for advancing palliative care in the next year? What help do you need to accomplish this?

For examples of Storytelling as Advocacy see Deadra's Story from the Moments of Life campaign.

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