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Monday, June 20, 2016

Pallimed Roundup: Advice to Graduating Fellows in Hospice and Palliative Medicine

The editors of Pallimed are proud to announce a new editorial feature: Pallimed Roundup. In these articles we will publish a collection of quotes culled from palliative care professionals around the world.

Our first question was: What advice would you give to graduating palliative fellows?

“Let the patient's and family's goals be your guide. You will be, and should be involved in discussions of discharge planning, financial and insurance issues, hospice and mortality statistics, but your true north should remain the goals of your patient and family.”

-Ross Albert, MD PhD

“Keep loving your patients till the end; they deserve it and you deserve it.”

- Rafael Bloise, MD

“Keep a clinical palliative care practice. Do not let research, administration or business interests destroy your clinical skills and the ethical foundation of all your career, patients and families.”

- Eduardo Bruera, MD

“In palliative medicine we become experts one patient and family at a time; keep learning, keep your heart open, and remember to breathe.”

- Ira Byock, MD, FAAHPM

“Listen to your patients, they have the answers!”

- Jim Cleary, MD quoting Dame Cicely Saunders

“Get yourself, your ideas, and the view that others have of you out of the way. Discover your true voice and use it.”

 - Michael Fratkin, MD

"Be Kind."

- Sonia Fullerton, MD

"Remember to pause and ask yourself 'what is your intention?' before seeing each and every patient."

 - Robert Gerard, MD

“Remember the doctors of old, the ones without antibiotics, morphine, and all the other modern medicaments and machines—the ones that sat bedside, held hands, and listened—for they were the true doctors, the ones who were present and shared the anguish of suffering, the ones who understood the burden of fear was too heavy to carry alone; model them, and you’ll be fine.”

- Paul Rousseau, MD

“Make time for talking with mentors and professional development activities that peak your curiosity, they are gifts you give yourself.”

- Holly Yang, MD

“Keep in close touch with your colleagues for discussing cases, sharing new ideas and information, not practicing in a vacuum, and even getting some emotional support when things are rough. It is more important than ever since we can be so isolated at times. [Use] the AAHPM Forum, blogs, emails, phone consults, HPM meetings, and set up one-day meetings with other medical directors/HPM doctors in your area."

- Don Zacharias, MD

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