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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

14 Ways Hospice Patients Have Said They're Ready to Die

Compiled by Lizzy Miles

These are statements made by hospice patient to me over the years indicating their readiness to die. I recognized there was a beauty in the variety of ways the patients chose to express their wishes.

  1. "If something is going to happen, let it happen. Life is getting less interesting as the days go by."

  2. "Sometimes I wonder why they've all gone and I'm still here."

  3. "When I go to bed I always wonder if this will be the time I die."

  4. "I've done it all I've seen it all. I could step out."

  5. "I'm ready to get up and jump around"

  6. "I'm 93 and anything can happen at any time. I have no qualms."

  7. "I was put on this earth to die. Today is just as good as tomorrow. We're all going to die. I can't control it."

  8. "Right now heavenly home is home. They tell me we'll see our loved ones and never have to say goodbye. That would be wonderful."

  9. "Get me out of here."

  10. "I'm waiting to ring the bell."
  11. "I know we're not going to be here forever. Hereafter is another home. It ain't no temporary home. It's permanent and there are no utility bills. No taxes."

  12. "I just want to go home."

  13. "My goal is to wonder how I fill the days until my days are gone."

  14. "I think it would be nice if every single person in the world had a button to push to say, 'okay I'm ready'."

Lizzy Miles, MA, MSW, LSW is a hospice social worker in Columbus, Ohio and regular contributor to Lizzy authored a book of happy hospice stories: Somewhere In Between: The Hokey Pokey, Chocolate Cake and the Shared Death Experience. Lizzy currently has a Kickstarter campaign with life advice from hospice patients. Lizzy is best known for bringing the Death Cafe concept to the United States. You can find her on Twitter @LizzyMiles_MSW.

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