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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

14th Annual Pallimed Party (aka Un-Meeting)

by Christian Sinclair

Update 3/19 1300 CT - Here is the link to sign onto the Slack platform for the Pallimed Un-meeting. It is open to all, so please remember it is a semi-private (aka semi-public place.) Yes you can share with other hospice and palliative care colleagues. The official hours are 5p to MN ET, but people may be in there before or after, so feel free to chat with them. Zoom video chat, and games will be later in the evening. Schedule forthcoming.

Old post below

Well, I know we all wish we were in San Diego learning from each other, seeing old friends, and making new ones, but the fact is we are not doing that. I still want to honor the spirit of the annual Pallimed Party, even though throwing a party does not feel like the right optics. So let's call it an un-meeting.

So how will this work? I'm not quite sure, so bear with me. It is going to be kind of experimental so if being an early adopter is your thing, I totally get it if you are out. But a small group of us are going to try to do something virtually. It will primarily consist of the online platform Slack and Zoom, with a couple of other add-ons. So how do you sign up? Well we are still working that out, but I wanted to get this out to the people on the email list today. So bookmark this page and keep an eye on our accounts on Twitter and Facebook for more info.

And check out #hpm chat tonight on Twitter at 8pm CT if you need some bonding with colleagues right now!

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