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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New PC-FACS out

I probably should have blogged these before but haven't.  The AAHPM for the last couple of months has been publishing "PC-FACS"--brief, critical summaries & appraisals of palliative care related articles (based on the POEMS or CAT EBM models of summarizing evidence).  Clearly this is something after my own heart.  This month's includes a review of the Lancet early decompressive surgery for malignant cord compression trial I blogged a while back.

This is the website's description of the PC-FACS:
(F ast Article Critical Summaries for Clinicians in Palliative C are), a new electronic publication of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, provides palliative care clinicians with concise summaries of the most important findings from more than 30 medical and scientific journals. Each month, systematic reviews and insightful commentary on 3-4 articles help palliative care clinicians stay on top of the research that is critical to contemporary practice.  In its first year of publication, PC-FACS is being e-mailed to AAHPM members as a benefit of membership. Comments from readers are welcomed at

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