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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Too many articles

I'm back from my vacation & there are many, many articles to blog & I'll hopefully be slogging through them in the next couple of weeks.  Some brief follow-up:  last week I promised an expanded "recent posts" sidebar but will have to renege on that--it's impossible to do in Blogger without manually entering every post into html & unless someone wants to pay me to do that I don't have the time.  You can use the Blogger "search this blog" toolbar up above to look for topics or old posts etc. 

One quickie::  J of Urology has a review article on palliative care for urologic malignancies.  It's quite comprehensive and an interesting view of palliative care from urologists' perspectives.  These sorts of articles are also always so useful as reference sources (looking for a reference on the use of alum bladder irrigation to control bleeding from bladder cancer?--it's in this article). 

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