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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hastings Center: EOL report

The Hastings Center has released a report on the progress made in EOL care in the past decade. It was sponsored by RWJF and published in early November. I just got around to reading most of it. Hope you find some of the topics below interesting. (Note: you do have to register and log on to get the report, but it is free.)

Here are the articles and authors:

  • Preface-Bruce Jennings
  • Death: The Distinguished Thing - Daniel Callahan
  • The End of Autonomy - Robert A. Burt
  • Living Long in Fragile Health: The New Demographics Shape End of Life Care -• Joanne Lynn
  • Conflict and Consensus at the End of Life -• Nancy Neveloff Dubler
  • Hope for the Future: Achieving the Original Intent of Advance Directives -Susan E. Hickman, Bernard J. Hammes, Alvin H. Moss, and Susan W. Tolle
  • Recognizing Death while Affirming Life: Can End of Life Reform Uphold a Disabled Person's Interest in Continued Life? - Adrienne Asch
  • Making Room for Dying: End of Life Care in Nursing Homes - Sandra H. Johnson
  • The Past and Future of Palliative Care - Kathleen M. Foley
  • The Role of Litigation in End of Life Care: A Reappraisal - Alan Meisel
  • The Quest to Reform End of Life Care: Rethinking Assumptions and Setting New Directions - Thomas H. Murray and Bruce Jennings
I don't have the time or space to go into details about some of the great articles and understanding of Palliative Care history that is contained within this report. But the reading is quick and refreshing and covers many different topics. It totals about 60 pages with a great list of references. I highly recommend it.

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