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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pallimed layout changes

I've been sick, and so have taken the time to toy with Pallimed's layout.

Now, in the sidebar on the right, all of Pallimed's posts are listed in reverse chronological order. This will hopefully allow casual & new readers find older posts more easily, without having to dig through the archives. It also reinforced to me the folly of giving posts vague names like "Many articles" or "September's Gerontologist," as this forces the reader to open a webpage to find out if s/he wants to read the post. So I will stop doing that. I also created a new section of 'highlighted posts' which will have links to posts with information about the blog and anything else I decide to put in there.

I hope this will improve the accessibility of the blog. Let me know if you've got any further suggestions to improve the blog, or any other general comments.

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