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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Death doulas in the NY Times

The NY Times a few days ago had a story about death 'doulas' in the NY area.  These are trained volunteers who sit with actively dying patients, coaching and supporting the families, etc.  The article is a little 'rah rah' and uncritical, but it was for me a good introduction to a phenomenon I had only peripherally heard of, and imagine will become more widespread in the coming years.  (NY Times articles are usually available free for a week--sometimes you need a free registration.)

Thanks to Marcin Chwistek at Pitt for alerting us to this article.

While we're discussing media--To the Best of Our Knowledge--one of my favorite public radio shows--aired an hour-long show about cancer this weekend.  A couple of the interviews involve first person accounts of living with cancer and are worth listening to (you can stream TTBOOK online). 

This is Pallimed post #202.  Holy cow.  And our first year anniversary is coming up in June.  Thank you to all our readers and commenters.  Tell your colleagues about Pallimed! 

I'm still wading through my move and probably won't start posting in earnest until at least next week.

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