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Monday, November 13, 2006

Palliative Medicine Fellowship

Some shameless self-promotion (Christian, this constitutes a free-pass for one act of shameless self-promotion on Pallimed).

My institution, the Medical College of Wisconsin, has openings for our palliative medicine fellowship for the 2007-8 year and beyond. Our fellowship is an accredited, one-year clinical fellowship that gives a good mix of inpatient & outpatient palliative care, as well as hospice experience. We have an established palliative care service which is well-integrated into our major teaching hospital; a swell group of experienced palliative care physicians and nurses; a good mix of didactic and supervised clinical time; educational training; and research opportunities. I did my fellowship here and felt like I received great training. And, contrary to popular opinion, Milwaukee totally rocks.

If you're interested please contact me via email. Or you can skip the middle-man & contact our fellowship director directly, Dr. Lisa Marr, at (414)805-4607 or

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