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Friday, April 6, 2007

Having Problems with Signing Up for Email?

I was checking the email subscription status and noticed that there are 25 people who are in the process of registering, which means that you probably have tried to register but things have not worked right for you. If you are having any problems please try these few steps:

1. Tell your email program to allow emails from "" Often times your spam blockers may prevent this from coming to you because it sees it as a bulk email which is how spam is usually sent out. We are not spammers, nor do we sell or give away your address to anyone.

2. Re-register with a different email account. Many people I know have had some trouble getting their work email program to accept the subscription, but have had success with their personal hotmail, aol or gmail accounts.

If neither of these steps helps you, please email me at ctsinclair [at] gmail (dot) com

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