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Monday, May 19, 2008

New Additions to Pallimed
Two New Companion Blogs

As Drew alluded to in the last post before his all expenses paid by Pallimed paternity leave, we have some exciting new content to bring to you.

We are proud to announce two new companion blogs to Pallimed!

Pallimed: Arts & Humanities ( is a new blog focusing more in-depth on the many themes in palliative medicine that intersect with film, music, paintings, books, and other artistic media. Pallimed: Arts & Humanities will be a weekly blog hosted by Amber Wollesen, MD and Amy Clarkson, MD with contributions from the stable of Pallimed authors. The first post on the top 10 palliative care films is up now. Go on over, comment on what movies should have been on the list, and sign up for an email or RSS subscription (free!).

Pallimed: Case Conferences ( will bring a new dimension to great cases from the University of Pittsburgh Institute to Enhance Palliative Care. The cases now will be posted on the blog twice-a-month (a current case followed by a historical case) allowing comments and discussions about the case at hand. The cases will be posted, and comments moderated by Pallimed, but the case content is attributed to the original author(s). Many readers in our poll had asked for case based discussion and now we have it. If you are involved with palliative medicine education or want to bring education to your team, get them to sign up for a subscription and start talking about it. The first case is up, so go on over and let us know what you think about the attending 'who never gives up!'

To make it easier to move between the blogs, a new navigation bar has been added below the main header. The blogs are color coded: Blue=Cases, Green = the Main Blog, Red = Arts. The main blog at will continue to post about 2-3 times per week. We decided to split the blogs so we could still bring you the original content from Pallimed without increasing the total posts or diluting the content.

Thanks very much for your readership! Please let your peers and colleagues know about the new additions.

If you have any feedback, or see any problems with any of the new blogs or navigation, please email:

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