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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Anna Pou Interview

Dr. Anna Pou, the doctor who was accused of murdering patients during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina gave a rare interview covering her experiences and discussing a new law to cover medical personnel who assist in a disaster. The grand jury and attorney general eventually dropped the charges but she still faces two civil suits.

Here are some quotes from the Associated Press article:

When nightfall came, the hospital and the city were in darkness. Water pressure dropped, toilets backed up and the temperatures began to swelter.

"The smell got to be rancid in no time," Pou said. "It burned the back of your throat."


Pou said staff struggled to climb stairwells, carry supplies, and spent two-hour shifts squeezing ventilators to keep patients alive.

"The heat was so terrible, it wore you down," Pou said. "We were trying to keep the patients comfortable. The 9-year-old daughter of one of the nurses even took shifts fanning them."


"I felt very alone," Pou said of her year of fighting the criminal accusations. "Even if people were around me I felt an intense loneliness. It was as if no one knew what I was going through."

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