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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oops! Web Site Fixes and Gltches

My apologies to the email readers who got a screen full of flags for the last post on International Hastened Death Review. The original images were large when uploaded and shrunk within the Blogger program, but apparently that did not get translated to the email feed. So you got your whole screen filled with the Australian, Canadian, and other flags with a little bit of text scrunched in between. The error has been noted and the Pallimed writers informed of how to avoid this in the future.

Also, for a while in the past week 'Recent Comments' was not working correctly causing slow page loads and an inability to see what recent people were commenting on. This is now fixed. We have had some great comments recently (here and here and here) so join in the fun. If anyone is really interested in the comments I could set up a feed for just the comments. Let me know by commenting here or emailing me at:

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