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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Welcome New York Times Readers!

If you clicked through to Pallimed from the recent New York Times column on "Medicine in the Age of Twitter" welcome to Pallimed.

This is a blog discussing news and research about palliative medicine and hospice and while some of the discussions are aimed at the medical professionals in the field we openly invite any patients or families to ask questions and leave comments. Our goal here is to have an open forum about some of the difficult issues in medicine regarding pain control, making medical decisions in the face of life-threatening illness, how to be better communicators with our patients and families, and many other topics.

You can see some of our major topics by clicking on any of the labels in the label cloud in the left hand column. You may find our companion blogs "Arts & Humanities" and "Case Conferences" interesting as well so please click on them on the top.

We have five contributors here:
Drew Rosielle, MD (Editor/Founder)
Christian Sinclair, MD, FAAHPM @ctsinclair on Twitter
Thomas Quinn, APRN, CHPN
Lyle Fettig, MD @lyfe20 on Twitter
Amber Wollesen, MD
Amy Clarkson, MD

If you have any questions or experiences with hospice or palliative care or medicine and social media please leave a comment and we'll start a conversation. If you are a doctor, nurse or generally involved in health care and want to talk more about how to use social media wisely feel free to email me at ctsinclair [at] gmaill [dot] com. (And I will tell you why I am not afraid to give out my personal email and other medical staff should not be either)

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