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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pal-pourri: Hospice Santas, Death as Failure, New Blogs, Seeking Spanish Speakers

Hospice Santas:
The USA Today had a feature article on Santa's across the nation playing a role in hospice care.  There are over 175 hospice trained Santa Claus'.  Go figure!  Thanks!

Death as Failure:
One of our blogging pals Hospice Physician was flabbergasted to hear a cardiologist say:  

“...when I see you, I think that someone (a physician) has failed.”
Have you heard this recently?  Go see Hospice Physician and let him know he is not alone.

Radiation Therapy Quick Review:
Here is a good review from KevinMD about the different types of radiation therapies.

New Palliative Medicine Related Blogs:
  • Outcome Resources is a pharmacy benefits manager that has made good use of Twitter and Facebook to get helpful information out about hospice news.  They recently started a blog which has some really good deep information for the palliative care clinician.  While I usually do not like to highlight blogs that have just started (Because they are more than likely to fizzle out) Outcome Resources has high quality content and has maintained a solid presence on other social media platforms.
  • Starting back in 2008, Compassion and Choices has been blogging about end of life issues beyond just physician assisted death, one of the more controversial points they are known for.  
Spanish Speaking Palliative Staff Needed!:
Dr. Elizabeth Menkin of San Diego Hospice who created the "Go Wish" game to review advance care planning using different values placed on cards is looking for any Spanish speaking Palliative Care people who could help her make a Spanish version of the game.  You can tweet her @ESMenkin or contact the C

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