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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Intrathecal Pain Pump Survey - Almost Closed

Photo #3000! Antique Shell Gas PumpImage by cobalt123 via Flickr (A pump! Get it?)

Holy cow!  You have really given me some great information to work with.  I am still combing through the info and promise to post my informal analysis by Thursday evening.  I will be closing the survey late Wednesday evening so if you thought about doing it but have not yet, better hurry up.

You can use this link to email your colleagues if they would be interested in taking it but are not readers of Pallimed (For shame!):

Regarding the non-scientific-ness of the poll: if any of you would like to collaborate on a more scientific poll to be published acadmically let me know.  And I think you will when you see the results post later this week.  The poll was a spur of the moment/carpe diem creation from stuff that was pent up for a while.  And yes some of the questions were meant to be a little fun but still informative.  That is why I made lots of room for comment boxes.

By the way some of you are great comedy writers.  Here is my favorite line so far:
"I'm a palliative care physician trapped in a medical oncologist's body..."
So keep the surveys coming.  I promise we won't be doing these all the time but the range and intensity of responses is pretty good! Maybe something we do quarterly or PRN on big timely issues. If you have ideas for other surveys to do in the future please feel free to comment or email me. 

Oh yeah, don't forget to take the survey if you have not.
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