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Friday, February 12, 2010

New Pallimed Feature: Guest Posts

Since Drew is taking a little time off to play HGTV, I wanted to welcome our first guest blogger, Brian McMichael, MD, a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation resident with a keen interest in palliative medicine.  He has spent some quality time crafting wonderful comments to Pallimed and GeriPal, so we decided to invite him to guest post on Pallimed.

If you are interested in posting on an occasional basis to Pallimed, please email Drew and Christian (our emails are all over this blog) and we will fill you in on the requirements/details.  If you have read Pallimed you understand the basic approach and topics we like to cover.  Academic yet conversational reviews of palliative care and hospice related articles (preferably from non-core palliative medicine journals) are our bread and butter but if you have a great topic feel free to shoot us a line.  Advertisements or endorsements of programs, organizations, blogs, etc is not what we are looking for.  We will continue to maintain our no-ad policy.

If you become a regular guest here we can always let you in on the inner workings and make you a contributor, which comes with a nice benefits package. (i.e. a Pallimed coffee mug)

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