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Friday, February 12, 2010

Pallimed 2010 Street Team Enthusiasts Needed!

As we get closer to the AAHPM/HPNA Annual Assembly in Boston (March 3-6, 2010), we will again be calling on Pallimed readers to help spread the word about Pallimed and medical blogging.  Believe it or not there are some people out there who think blogs are just for political slams, celebrity gossip, and watching videos of my kids performing magic tricks.  But as you know a blog can be a place for serious discussions about vital issues to good clinical practice, public opinion of hospice and palliative medicine and occasionally a funny quip.

This offer is open to any Pallimed reader who wants to grow the knowledge of hospice and palliative medicine professionals. A street team kit will be sent out free of charge to any Pallimed reader who requests one.  If you are so enthusiastic that you would like more than one kit just ask.

Included in the Pallimed Street Team kit:

  • A set of 20 Pallimed 'P' Stickers
  • A set of 20 Pallimed business cards
  • 2 5x7" mini posters
  • A Pallimed Prize Pledge sheet
  • A special treat for you (non-edible)

So how do you make the best use of the Pallimed Street Team kit?

Stickers: The 'P' stickers are great additions to any name tag while at a conference to help you find other readers of Pallimed thereby creating a bigger sense of community. And when someone asks you about the 'P' you can tell them about Pallimed.  They were a great hit at the 2009 conference.  I ran out of mine!

Business Cards: The Pallimed cards are great to hand out to members of your hospice or palliative care team or peers you see at regional and national meetings. They are especially helpful if you run out of Pallimed 'P' stickers or are too embarrassed to wear a 'P' sticker on your badge.  (Why would you be embarrassed? They were very popular last year!)

Mini Posters: Great to hang up at bulletin boards around conferences or at tables with lots of stuff to pick up.  (But don't be rude and steal someone's push pin or sweep flyers off a table just to make room!)

Pallimed Prize Pledge Sheet:  Sign up people to pledge any amount towards the Pallimed Prize announced last month to encourage hospitals to support Palliative Care teams through advertising.  This obviously will take a little more gumption on your part.  Instructions on how to best make use of this will be included as well as discussed in an upcoming blog post. 

Special Treat: I have not yet decided on what this will be but it will be a collectors item.  But if you are signing up for the Pallimed Street Team just to get this, you have to re-examine your priorities!

If you want them before the AAHPM Annual Assembly email me ( by Monday February 23rd so I can get them in the mail to you.  I will have a few kits on hand at the assembly, but they won't have the special treat, so let me know soon.  If you are going to any other medical conferences or just would like to spread the word locally, you can also request a kit, it just might come a little later.

Why use these viral or guerilla marketing techniques? Our biggest growth has always come from word of mouth from our readers which is so appreciated. And we have never and will never take any advertising so we have no budget! If you want to help...great! If this is not your gig, then that is OK too!

A special thanks to members of 2009's Pallimed Street Team:
Heather O.
Jane B.
Judy G.
Karla S.
Keri H.
Kristina N.
Leigh F.
Lynda S.
Melinda H.
Susan N.
Risa D.
And a very shy and reluctant Drew R.

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