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Friday, April 1, 2011

QuickMed Inc. Launches New Palliative Service: Scoops of Compassion

(We hope you enjoyed our April Fool's jokes this year. Look for more of our past April Fool's posts here. - Ed.)

A renovated classic

QuickMed's co-founders, Ben Baskin and Jerry Robbins plan to release a fleet of renovated ice-cream trucks in Florida on April 16, 2011 - National Healthcare Decisions Day.  But these are not just the old ice-cream trucks we remember as children.  The trucks aim to address the lack of access to palliative care services across the USA:  Along side scoops of chocolate, QuickMed's ice-cream trucks will be serving up doses of Dignity Therapy, healthcare proxies, MOLST/POLST forms, and protocol-driven symptom management.

Additionally, Mr. Baskin and Mr. Robbins have teamed up pharmacists with food science experts to provide prescription only "hospice scoops" of black raspberry Roxanol sorbet and "choco-van" (chocolate-flavored lorazepam ice cream).

QuickMed Clinics have a history of success providing easy access to care in neighborhood malls for minor everyday ailments, such as common infections and immunizations.  The ice-cream trucks, just like the clinics in the malls, are no substitute for hospices or primary care clinics, and are an adjunct.  The goal is to improve access to care for patients.  In the case of the QuickMed Clinics, patients can access care when they feel sick, without waiting for an appointment or in their doctor's office.  The Scoops of Compassion ice-cream trucks come to the neighborhoods, where patients live, providing basic palliative care in a non-threatening way.

Next time you are visiting Grandpa in Boca Raton and hear the iconic summer sounds of the smile-inducing glockenspiel chimes, you might rush out to meet a palliative care nurse practitioner or physician sitting beside the ice-cream barista.  

"Despite its aim to help people live as well and as joyfully as possible for as much-or as little time we have left, Palliative Care has occasionally struggled with its image due to misinterpretation by media and trouble with effective marketing.  Our ice cream trucks and joyful songs hope to overcome this image," explain Baskin and Robbins.  "After all, what better symbolizes quality of life and joy than Ice Cream trucks?  It was a logical solution."

Happy April Fools 2011 from Pallimed

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