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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Pallimed layout update

As promised, I have upgraded Pallimed to the new Blogger/Blogspot software version. You will notice some layout changes--I tried to keep these as inoffensive as possible. I did widen the blog a little so it will display better on higher-resolution screens, although this meant I had to sacrifice the nicely rounded corners on most of the blog's text frames. If Pallimed no longer displays well on your computer let me know--I write Pallimed with a Mac, using Firefox, and I realize it likely displays differently with PCs & IE. I also had to destroy my previous blogger profile and merge another one I had with the blog. Blah blah blah.

The biggest change for readers is the addition of labels/tags: they should be clearly visible at the bottom of this post. These are tags related to the blog post topic--you can now browse Pallimed by topic by clicking on the label tags at the bottom of each post. (For instance, I labeled this post as 'meta' since it's about the blog itself.) There's also a section with all the labels in the sidebar on the right (since moved to the left). When I'm feeling really idle I may go back to previous posts and start labeling them but I'm not going to promise that. I did label some recent ones to give readers unfamiliar with tags an idea of how they work.

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