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Thursday, March 3, 2016

10th Annual Pallimed / GeriPal Party

Plot Summary: Ferris Bueller (a nice palliative care clinician) has an uncanny skill at prioritizing quality of life. Intending to make one last night-out before the end of assembly, Ferris calls his friends, "borrows" a Ferrari, and embarks on a one-night journey through the streets of Chicago.

Details: If this is your first time or your 10th time, we invite you to come out to the annual Pallimed / GeriPal party that is a tradition at each Annual Assembly of AAHPM, HPNA and SWHPN. We had a great turnout for the progressive party last year in Philadelphia and will be hitting some great Chicago establishments Thursday Night.

Who: All are welcome. You don't have to read Pallimed or GeriPal, subscribe, to us, use social media, pay an admission, or anything. Meet some of the contributors to both Pallimed and GeriPal all evening.

When: Thursday March 10th, Start time 9pm, End time: TBD

Where: New this year is ACP (Advance Celebration Planning). Social media will help you know where we are, but we wanted to at least communicate our goals for our quality of life that evening. These are rough guides. Follow our Twitter and Facebook feeds or search for #hpmparty to find exactly where we are.
  • 9pm Cindy's Athletic Club - Top of the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, 12 S. Michigan Ave
  • 10pm Plymouth Rooftop Bar - 327 S. Plymouth Ct
  • 11pm Kasey's Tavern - 701 Dearborn St
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