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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

2016 AAHPM and HPNA Annual Assembly Preview - Wednesday

by Christian Sinclair

This is the Wednesday, March 9, 2016 preview for the AAHPM and HPNA Annual Assembly. To learn more about this conference check out our overview, or see the previews for ThursdayFriday and Saturday.

Looking at a full day of pre-conferences, there are some real gems here. If you have not been to the pre-cons before, maybe because of time or cost, I would encourage you to take a closer look. The Vital Talk faculty will be there, which would be a good preview if you have ever considered going for more communication training. (Yes, even palliative care clinicians can benefit from more communication training!) Another popular one will be Mary Lynn McPherson's Medication Management workshop from 8-5pm. She packs in so much good information into her 60 minute presentations, this will be like taking a 1-year fellowship in one day! You have 19 to chose from, and I bet a few are already at capacity if you have not registered by now.

After the workshops, I'm excited to attend the AAHPM New Member and First-Timer reception and the AAHPM Physicians-in-Training reception. I remember being a fresh fellow in 2004 in Arizona at my first AAHPM conference like it was yesterday! If you fit into either of these groups, especially you fellows, get there!

After the receptions, the posters and exhibit hall open, which is where you will find me geeking out on all the studies, taking pictures of the posters, and seeing old friends. This

Looking at the printed materials, you'll see the plenary speaker listed as Ezekiel Emanuel. You may have missed the email and other communications, but the Wednesday speaker is now ZDoggMD. A big change in tone and background between the two, but given the reach that ZDoggMD has with his medical parody music videos, I am very excited to hear what he has to say (and sing?) Oh, you have not heard of ZDoggMD? Watch his "Ain't the Way to Die" video and then check out this interview Dr. Michael Fratkin did with Dr. Zubina Damania (his alter ego) for Pallimed.

Christian Sinclair, MD, FAAHPM is editor of Pallimed, president-elect of AAHPM, and a palliative care doctor at the University of Kansas.

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