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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Medical Futilty: Excellent Ethics & Law Blog

While perusing some of the links back to Pallimed from other sites, I stumbled across an excellent blog by a law professor, Thaddeus Pope. The blog, Medical Futility, has frequent posts relevant to the palliative care community as the mission is to cover judicial, legislative, policy, and academic developments concerning medical futility.

Here is a taste of some of the posts:

DNAR as Default Status: Desirable in Principle, Difficult in Practice

USA Becoming Less Death-Defying?

The Slow Code

He even posts the classic dark humor clip from Monty Python about the coroner during the plague from MP & THG.

The posts are typically short and contain a lot of clipped material. It is hard to get much of his take on issues, but he poses many questions to the readers. There have not been a ton of comments yet, but get over and check out some of his posts and you may find that you have something to say.

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