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Monday, October 27, 2008

HPM Business: Boards, The Board, CMS

A busy couple weeks from a professional standpoint here in the US:

The first, 'official,' American Board of Medical Specialties sponsored Hospice and Palliative Medicine board exam is this Wednesday.  I collectively wish all of you taking it good luck - wish us the same.  For those of you freaking out about the pediatric content I'll let you know I read the HPM Fast Peds module and have this to say:  'baclofen' and any answer in which supports the principle 'sick kids are kids first and patients second' is correct.  

I hope I will be forgiven for noting that my friend, colleague, fellow blogger & prognosis-completist,  and Pallimed design-guru and webmaster, Dr. Christian Sinclair, is running to be a director-at-large for the AAHPM Board.   AAHPM members should have received the ballot by now (link to candidate profiles here).  Christian - if you'd like to make any comments about why you're running please feel free to.  Readers - feel free to ask any questions too.

The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services has officially recognized HPM as a medical subspecialty.  This should make it easier for HPM docs to receive reimbursement for our services.  We'll see.  Regardless - another happy milestone on for the profession.  AAHPM press release here.  

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