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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pallimed Street Team - This year with more GeriPal!

Given our marketing budget of zero dollars from our all volunteer team and complete lack of business model we have to be creative when it comes to spreading the word about the palliative care blogosphere.   For the past few years we have had street teams of Pallimed readers who are willing to be social and talk to other people about the community that you the readers have created here.   Pallimed would not be what it is today without your input and comments.  It likely would have crumbled to the ground lost to the internet forever without you.  

So if you are willing to do a bit more, I will have small packets of business cards, small posters and badge stickers for you to pass out at the Annual Assembly, or take back home and share with your teams and organizations.    The badge stickers go on the paper part of your badge and represent if you read Pallimed, GeriPal, or are on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

This year we are including our friendly competitors who keep us on our toes, the great folks at GeriPal
(which may have just won a major award! Announcements this Friday!) We have double-sided business cards with Pallimed on the front and GeriPal in the back.  Also we have new small posters this year that feature the iPhone app for Pallimed and GeriPal.

So if you want one, just come find me at the Assembly and I will hand you a packet, until I run out of them!

If you do not know what I look like here is a picture:

OK here it is:

Here are some of the handouts for this year's street teams:

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