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Monday, February 14, 2011

Ways to Monitor Twitter Coverage of AAHPM Annual Assembly

There are three ways to monitor the Twitter Coverage at the 2011 AAHPM Annual Assembly in Vancouver, British Columbia. None of which require you to be signed up on Twitter, but I would encourage it.  Here is the post about reasons why to participate, and here is the post on how to participate.

All information is organized around the hashtag #hpm. *

1. Tweetchat - a web based way to monitor one subject on Twitter organized around a hashtag
2. What The Hashtag (good for overall stats, and ability to download a transcript)
3. CoverItLive - this is a way to see the live tweets and scroll though the older ones and is embedded below in this blog post.  This will be active Wednesday through Saturday and available for review anytime.

*If you are wondering why #hpm is the hashtag...#HPM is already a strong community of palliative advocates on Twitter with a weekly Tweetcaht so they would be more likely to spread posts.   #HPC (Hospice and Palliative Care) is also used by many many more people talking about Hewlett Packard Computers, so there would be too much noise in the stream.  #AAHPM is too focused on only one of three sponsoring organizations.  #HPMAssembly (which was used in 2010) is too long.  #HPM11 loses out on the community already built around #HPM

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