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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Pallimed GeriPal Virtual Gathering 2021

by Christian Sinclair (@ctsinclair)

Short notice, but yes, there will be a Pallimed/GeriPal virtual party this year. Never missed a year! Have we planned a lot around this? No. Do we want to see friends and colleagues and meet new people? Yes. Can we do it with minimal expectations? We hope so!

We are not sure what to expect, but when we did this in person there was never that much of a plan anyway, except where to go next, and even that was up for improvisation.

So what might we do. Probably hang out in different Zoom rooms talking about different subjects, playing games, talking about palliative care things, or maybe not palliative care things.

When: Wednesday, Feb 17, 2012
Where: Zoom invite via email sent by email at 5p CT

UPDATE: Invites have been sent. Ping @ctsinclair or @pallimed on Twitter and we will try to add you before 9p ET.

Reserve time on your calendar now! Share this with your friends. Get them registered too.

Keep an eye out on the Twitter accounts of Pallimed and GeriPal just in case this thing goes big and we need to make alternative plans.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 by Christian Sinclair ·

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