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Monday, September 12, 2005

Parkinsonism with novel vs. typical antipsychotics

The current Archives of Internal Medicine takes a look at parkinsonism from newer vs. typical antipsychotics. It's a retrospective cohort study of elderly (>65 years old) demented Canadians using a public administrative database. Basically they compared people given typical vs. atypical vs. no antipsychotics & then looked at rates of diagnoses of parkinsonism or prescriptions for antiparkison drugs. Despite these obvious problems it's a worthwhile article. What's of note is that they found that rates of parkinsonism were similar between those taking high-doseatypicals & those taking typicals--the event rates were ~5 per 100 person-years. See the table for their definitions of high doses (I am experimenting with adding images to the blog & 1)am not sure if what I've done here is legal, & 2)am not sure if this looks good or is worth the effort). They note about 80% of the atypical use was risperidone & I'll note that 2mg a day of risperidone is not an atypical dose. All this adds to the growing body of literature that the newer antipsychotics clearly are associated with significant extrapyramidal side effects.

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Finally, there is this sentence in the middle of the methods section...

We excluded individuals receiving dialysis or palliative care, because these are potential contraindications to antipsychotic therapy [...]. Huh??

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