Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Enteral vs parenteral nutrition; Oral complications of radiation; PC-FACS; Palliative care in Internal Medicine News

Some digest entries...

1) Lancet has a critical review comparing enteral vs parenteral nutrition in a variety of patient populations. It's quite technical, and not particularly oriented to the supportive-cancer (let alone palliative) reader, but for those of us who follow this literature it is a nice overview.

2) Lancet Oncology has a review of oral/dental complications of head and neck radiation, covering the pathogenesis of the complications, prevention, and treatment. Helpful for those of us who do a lot of supportive cancer care, but who aren't oncologists.

3) March PC-FACS are out.

4) Internal Medicine News's April issue has 2 articles about palliative care (focusing on interviews with Diane Meier and Sean Morrison)--about its growth in the US & our impending official subspecialty recognition. (IMN is a free, non-peer-reviewed, industry-advertising-supported news magazine published by Elsevier which spontaneously appears on the doorstep and desk of many Internal Medicine docs in the US. You may need a free login to read the articles which aren't yet, unfortunately, posted on the website although the magazine arrived on my doorstep a week ago. But, as usual, I'm not organized enough to remember to keep on looking on the website to see when the articles are posted...).

5) I also want to highlight the comments from the April 1 post, and particularly want to direct readers who find that topic interesting to the Gerontologist article Paul McIntyre suggests--it's very thought-provoking. Thanks, Paul.

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