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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pallimed 2008 Reader Survey

Dear Pallimed Readers,

Thanks so much for joining us here at Pallimed. Drew, Tom and I appreciate your feedback very much. We have received some great emails throughout the past 3 years, but we have never done a more formal sampling of our readers. For the next week, we would like you to complete a short survey to better understand our audience. We also would like to know how you make the best use of Pallimed and what you would like to see us do (or NOT do) in the future.

Please complete it only once. We will not sell your information. We pledge not to bombard you with survey pop-ups, or separate emails asking you to finish this. It is a voluntary survey. But with over 600 regular readers we are hopeful for a good turnout.

We are expecting to provide our readers with some feedback from the survey by mid-February.


Christian Sinclair (on behalf of Drew, Tom and Pallimed)

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