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Friday, April 25, 2008

"I Wanna Be A DNR" and other Goodness from the Web

Since it is Friday, let's have a little fun. Here are some palliative care related links and highlights from the web.

A ICU Nurse and some colleagues rewrote the lyrics to the popular Nickelback song "Rockstar" to emphasize how some patients may feel in the ICU. The video itself is just the lyrics. Here is hoping she puts together more song parodies and maybe a video or two. (Hat Tip: KPW)

If you cannot see the You Tube video, then click on the post title to hear the song on the original post.

If you go to the original You Tube page, make sure to read the comments for insight on how some medical professionals feel about this song and subject.

BMJ has selected palliative care as a focus for "Making a Difference" project. This project will focus on higlighting palliative care in BMJ Journals for the next year. Hooray, more to blog about! Thanks to all that voted. (HT: JP Pinzon)

Dr. Wes comments on the general unhelpful nature of point and click electronic medical records systems for nursing notes. I don't think this is limited to just nurses, as I have seen some doctor's notes look the same regardless of the patient. Why must EMR's have so much data that is worthless? Many of the EMR's I have seen are good for data in, but not for data out. Anybody have a solution? (Thx: Kevin MD)

Psychology Today rails against the 'stages of grief' model being misconstrued again and again as a road map for how you are supposed to grieve. The article has some good points, but without some structure for beginning to tease apart such a complex phenomena and without a basic roadmap, it is that much more difficult to identify complicated grief, and figure out how best to support those experiencing it. A real Catch-22. (Thx: HFA Blog)

Also check out HFA's blog for locally oriented coverage of the Dartmouth Atlas Study. Great post!

Hospice Guy is starting to post more...Hooray! And this time he bares his soul about the Hospice Cap. Don't know about the hospice cap. Well Pallimed has not really commented on it yet, but may soon.

The anonymous Angry Pharmacist has a few choice (not safe for work (NSFW) or sensitive ears) words about the DEA and controlled substance regulation between his pharmacy and his wholesaler. Some interesting points I did not know about pharmacies hidden in the ranting.

Dan Savage, the outspoken sex-advice columnist, eulogized his mother in his column. A profound look at emotions and grief and how one single curse word can convey so much.

At the Hospice and Nursing Homes Blog, Frances Shani Parker has a great poem about the "loss" of our senses and abilities Here is a tiny excerpt:
Handfuls of August clouds
whisk you to a picnic,
hint at mashed potatoes.

Have a good weekend all! I will be off-blog for two weeks in Australia (to give a talk on the clinician's estimate of survival and meet with my CPC mentor).

I have dutifully prepared a few posts ahead of time for Drew to post for me so I don't appear to be a slacker. I am excited to leave, but also excited to come back because Pallimed has some big surprises coming up in mid-May! Any guesses?
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