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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Upcoming Presentations by Pallimed Writers

Occasionally the Pallimed writers are let loose into the world to present at various conferences. We will post some of those national/international speaking engagements here, just in case you wanted to stop by to say hello. We like to have dialogue with Pallimed readers!

Drew will be presenting at The 17th International Congress on Palliative Care,
in Montreal, Canada, twice! The first one is a paper from Drew and I about "Online Medical Resources" (go figure!). Drew gets to present right after Dr. Chochinov, who we have discussed often, especially in regards to his work on Dignity Therapy. The second presentation is a concurrent session on "Communicating Prognosis with Honesty and Hope." Early bird registration ends July 1. More information can be found in the program (pdf) or online.

I will be presenting at Current Concepts (AAHPM) in Chicago on "Prognosis" and "Care of the Imminently Dying Patient" in two separate sessions on Thursday August 28th. Prognosis will also be a focus at the NHPCO 9th annual Clinical Team Conference in Dallas, TX, and I will be presenting an introduction/overview on "Prognosis" with more focused sessions to follow from other speakers.

If you happen to be coming to these conferences, feel free to introduce yourself or comment below so you know what other Pallimed readers are coming. No Pallimed get togethers are being planed like at the AAHPM Annual Assembly...unless there is enough expressed interest then maybe we could set something up.

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